Wine of the week

2013 Villa Maria Private Bin Arneis $12 to $15.99

Arneis is an Italian white grape which has found its way to New Zealand where a small number of good quality white wines are being made, such as this stunning little steal from Villa Maria – its Private Bin Arneis, which costs about $12 and is available in supermarkets.

This is dry, fresh and light bodied withlemon zest, apples and white flower-like flavours; its freshness comes from its high but balanced acidity, with nutty and yeasty flavours adding character to this low priced, high quality wine.

The word Arneis is Italian for little rascal, which has something to do with it being a tad tricky to grow in its original home region of Piemonte in the north west of Italy – a region surrounded by 550 kilometres of mountains, which encircle its vineyards and act as a giant air conditioner.