Pinot watch… a daily dose (almost) of NZ’s most popular red

Pinot Noir NZ 2017 is to be held on Wellington’s waterfront from 31 January to 2 February and is open to all wine drinkers, thinkers and lovers of Pinot Noir:

Here’s my daily dose (well, almost daily) of Kiwi Pinot…

2013 Lauregan Single Vineyard Pinot Noir $40, 14.5% ABV

Central Hawke’s Bay winemaker Mike Old always tended to be more of a Bordeaux drinker than a Pinot Noir one, but when he was battling with Sangiovese (a slow ripening Italian grape that is the main ingredient in Chianti) on his cool, inland Hawke’s Bay vineyard, he had to think outside the Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot box.

Enter Pinot Noir.

He made his first in 2013 and branded it Lauregan, forging a new direction for his vineyard and for Kiwi Pinot. This one is deep ruby  with massive dark fruit flavours – think black plums and black cherries, and you get the picture.

Mike is a Cantabrian, born and bred, but he left the South Island when he was 21 – “I’ve been back a few times but it’s too cold for me now,” he says, admitting that Central Hawke’s Bay is hardly the hottest place in the country, but, having lived in Italy for several years, Hawke’s Bay is the only place he reckons he can live in New Zealand.

Find out more about Lauregan Wines (as yours truly intends to with a planned visit in the not too distant future) at:

Author: Joelle Thomson

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