Red rocks: Argentinian top drop under $20

2016 Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec $14 to $15, 12.5% ABV

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This Malbec is one of the best value reds in the Southern Hemisphere and delivers overwhelmingly… good value for money from Argentina, which is one of the top six wine producing countries in the world, in terms of volume… And while it’s soft fruity flavours and smooth approachable style hint at a drink-me-now style of wine, a group of Wine & Spirit Education Trust students all agreed today (when tasting it blind) that it has the potential to further improve for at least the next two years, thanks to its refreshing acidity and long finish.

This wine is made with grapes grown in Mendoza – the HQ of wine in Argentina – a country which has benefitted massively from a nationwide vine pull in the 1980s, which saw the total vineyard area fall dramatically from 314,000 hectares in the early 1980s to 205,000 hectares in 1993. The quality has since risen astronomically, as wines such as this one consistently show.

Author: Joelle Thomson

I am a wine writer, author and educator... first bitten by a big buttery Chardonnay on a dark and stormy night in the 1980s and there was no turning back... Follow my tastings and join some too on this new site.

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