A new wine glass (flash) for your Sauvignon

What’s the best glass to drink Sauvignon Blanc in?

The answer depends on your budget, if a flash new pair of white wine glasses launched by Riedel are anything to go by.

The new glass is very tall, very fine and very pricey at $129 for a set, which was launched in July this year as part of Riedel’s Veritas range. Six packs of the glasses are also available to the restaurant trade.

A set of the glasses arrived on my desk last week and I’m impressed by the fineness of them – super nice for sipping white wine from – but also slightly intimidated by how on earth to care for these delicate glasses. Needless to say, they won’t be in everyday use because I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that their fragility and my clumsiness might not be a match made you know where. That said, I do drink from Riedel glasses several times a week and as I write, I have two dish drawers full of them after a few wine friends and I tasted and drank from them last night. Not a single breakage. Perhaps it’s the thought rather than the reality. Either way, it’s great to see Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc gain greater international traction with the launch of these new glasses.

Their launch was timed to celebrate and update the 20th anniversary of the first Sauvignon Blanc glass that Riedel ever designed. The new improved (but much finer) version was designed after conversations with 15 Marlborough wineries, including Cloudy Bay, Greywacke (whose winemaker was formerly at Cloudy Bay), Villa Maria, Brancott Estate, Whitehaven, Wairau River and Giesen, among others.

More details are online at: www.riedel.com

Author: Joelle Thomson

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