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Tale of a light fingered wine thief… (aka the Willis Street opportunist)

Light fingered wine thief

If you are going to move into an apartment building, be sure it’s not in upper Willis Street, Wellington, which appears to be home to one of the most light fingered residents in the capital.

Just last month, a bottle of $80 Central Otago Pinot Noir was sent my way, only to be duly delivered and then promptly disappear before I ever clapped eyes on it. The same thing happened to a large box that another resident has now alerted us all to with flyers noting that this was something she had paid for and actually needs. It was the same story with a new stereo that my boyfriend bought last year and with another couple of boxes of wine sent to me as  professional samples, with a high priced bottle in November last year, with a box sent for a story I had to write and with three bikes (two belonged to us) taken from a concealed downstairs room, accessible only to residents of this supposedly secure building. We have no security cameras in place. Yet. But my confidence in having anything delivered here has now completely expired.

It seems incredibly ironic to me, given that I have now been writing about wine for 24 years and have only once before ever had anything stolen or go missing before it reached me.

Thank you to those who send me samples of wine and other products, which are much appreciated, and I apologise to those who may have sent things that have not reached me in the past 12 months.

Change of address…

If you are among those who work professionally with wine, books, food and any other products or press releases that you sent to me, can you please amend your database to a new, secure address to deliver products to me, namely, this one:

Joelle Thomson

Writer and author

Apartment 8A, Herbert Gardens

186 The Terrace

Wellington 6011

Thanks again, and please do keep in touch with me by email and phone, as always. This was how I knew that some of the above wine samples had gone missing in the first place. I suppose the Willis Street Opportunist hadn’t bargained on that.

The Riesling Wine Wednesday

It’s often referred to as the greatest white wine on Earth, so why does Riesling get a bad rap?

Tonight’s tasting at Regional Wines in Wellington may provide the answer in the form of a misunderstood but sensationally succulent style of Riesling – a spatlese.

The word means ‘late harvested’ and was first used in Germany in the 1600s. It has since become code for delicious, for those in the know, but is often seen as yet another off putting word by those who are unsure about what to expect from Riesling – which is both confusing variable in style and incredibly versatile, due to its big personality and light refreshing body.

We are kicking off the first Wine Wednesday of the year tonight with Riesling at Regional Wines & Spirits in Wellington at  5.30pm.

This tasting is free from 5.30pm to 7pm and we will have a bottle of the 7% alcohol, light, low and succulently tasty, 2016 Fromm Marlborough Riesling Spatlese.

This wine is light bodied, low in alcohol and floral in flavour with a sweet taste that’s balanced by its high acidity. The naturally high acid of Riesling cuts through all the rich flavours, leaving you with a refreshingly, crisp and seemingly off dry finish. This is a wine that drinks beautifully now, lightly chilled, as an after work glass or even at lunch time on a non working day.

Tonight is the first of our year round free weekly tasting programme in store at Regional Wines & Spirits at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

The tasting begins at 5.30pm and runs through til 7pm; no bookings are necessary and it’s free to try – and discounted for tonight only.

Join us at tonight’s Wine Wednesday

2016 Fromm Riesling Spatlese, on special for $21.99, usual price $24.50.

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