How do you think and feel about wine?

If you’re over 18 years old, drink wine and live in New Zealand, wine sensory scientist at Lincoln University Wendy Parr wants you to participate in a study about wine.

It’s a collaboration with a French university to find out how wine drinkers feel and think about wine in New Zealand, France and United Kingdom.

The survey began about six months’ ago and will close as soon as at least 200  people in each of the markets has responded.

“More people are preferable but this number gives us enough to draw some conclusions,” says Parr, who is the principle research officer at the Department of Wine, Food & Molecular Biosciences at Lincoln University in Canterbury.

“The more people who share their ideas, the better the data will represent wine drinkers of all levels, including connoisseurs and wine professionals.”

All results annonymous

The results will involve anonymous data that will be kept confidential. Data will be analysed by standard statistical methods at the university and results will involve averages only rather than individual data.

The summarised outcomes will be shared with wine industry professionals and in sensory science journals.

“The aim of the study is to gather information regarding how people consider wine in relation to aspects of their life with a view to the data being useful for wine marketing professionals and wine producers, such as what to put on a back label of a bottle.”

Take part in the study here:

Author: Joelle Thomson

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