Wines of the week, Marlborough and Spain

It’s no mean feat finding great wines under $50, let alone under $20 or $30 and perhaps the problem is not so much about trying to find a favourite wine at a rock bottom price, but rather that we don’t venture outside our comfort zones all that often. And why would we? Comfort zones feel great. So, with just that thought in mind, here are three wines that tick the boxes of great flavour and a great price too.

Bargain buy
2018 Staete Landt Annabel Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc $22

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc continues to rise in quality, thanks to vine age, freshness (screwcaps help big time) and the wine industry’s focus on high quality. One thing that’s rarely talked about is single vineyard or estate grown wines, which give winemakers a high degree of quality control over their vines. This can translate into great concentration of flavour and balanced wines, as is the case in this great white made with grapes from a significantly warmer than usual vintage in Marlborough. The wines tastes fleshy and rounded with ripe fruit flavours, which are flattered by subtle fresh green herb aromas. It has a full body and long refreshing dry taste.

Treat of the week
2015 Oveja Tinta Graciano Spain $23.95

Fruity, fresh and delicious, this treat of the week is made from Graciano, which is often called ‘the virtual grape’ since it’s tricky to grow, which makes it a bit of a rarity in its Mediterranean Spanish homeland. it can make outstanding wines, such as this tasty little treat of the week and as a key ingredient in traditional Rioja, to which it adds freshness and length, due to its vibrant acidity.

Reaching for the stars
2016 Whitehaven Marlborough Pinot Noir $35

This Marlborough Pinot Noir is fresh and fruity and bone dry with a medium body and lingering, flavoursome finish, thanks to Pinot Noir’s naturally high acidity. It is a great drink now and can age for four to five years, based on previous vintages of Whitehaven Pinot Noir.

Author: Joelle Thomson

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