Blanc slate for Blackenbrook

Blackenbrook Vineyard in Nelson has released its first Pinot Blanc.

The wine was made from tiny amounts of Pinot Blanc from the 2019 vintage, a year that was characterised by early growth and good spring rainfall with a drier than usual start to summer, which led to drought conditions in January. Fortunately, this was offset by the moisture-holding clay soils, which enabled the young vines to  grow well.

There is just 11 hectares of Pinot Blanc in New Zealand in total and it has traditionally not found the same favour with wine drinkers as its similarly named Pinot Gris.

The newcomer from Nelson was inspired by winemaker Daniel Schwarzenbac’s judging experience at the Mondial des Pinots competition in Switzerland. It’s a competition that focuses solely on Pinot grape varieties and he was impressed by Pinot Blanc that he tasted there and decided to make his own.

“We want to make the wine in a way that allows the varietal flavours to shine by maturing it in stainless steel rather than oak. This way the grape expresses its pure style from our Nelson vineyard,” said Schwarzenbac, who suggests that this wine is going to surprise anyone with a pre-conceived notion of Pinot Blanc and also  people who aren’t familiar with the variety at all.”

Watch this space for my tasting note and thoughts on the 2019 Blackenbrook Pinot Blanc.

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Author: Joelle Thomson

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