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Wine of the week from Germany’s 2000 vintage

This is a beautiful wine. It was purchased in a beautiful place from grapes grown on an outrageously steep one…

2000 Fritz Haag Riesling Auslese 7% ABV, price not available

The 2000 Fritz Haag Riesling Auslese was made from grapes grown on the Brauneberg hillside, which has been regarded as a great vineyard site since the second century AD when the Romans cultivated vines there.

The Juffer Sonnenuhr is the best part of the Brauneberg Vineyard, facing south and producing grapes with great flavour concentration balanced by crisp high acidity, which is still evident in this 18 year old wine today.

We bought it when we visited the middle Mosel in 2001 with our then-15 month old daughter, Ruby. This week she turned 18, so we opened the 750ml bottle of this wine, tentatively, because it was sealed with cork – which crumbled almost as soon as the corkscrew penetrated its Riesling-soaked outer edge, which soon turned to dust, crumbling into the wine, until I extracted the last shred of cork and used a sieve to pour this full bodied, zesty Riesling, which has flavours of lemon, limes and honey. What a wine. It’s succulent and rich but super fresh still, after all these years. There’s no price tag on this wine because you can’t buy it, but drinking it after all this time can buy memories – both from the past and an investment in great future ones.

Residual sweetness is approximately 100 grams per liter, possibly slightly higher. The total production is about 200 cases.

The Riesling Wine Wednesday

It’s often referred to as the greatest white wine on Earth, so why does Riesling get a bad rap?

Tonight’s tasting at Regional Wines in Wellington may provide the answer in the form of a misunderstood but sensationally succulent style of Riesling – a spatlese.

The word means ‘late harvested’ and was first used in Germany in the 1600s. It has since become code for delicious, for those in the know, but is often seen as yet another off putting word by those who are unsure about what to expect from Riesling – which is both confusing variable in style and incredibly versatile, due to its big personality and light refreshing body.

We are kicking off the first Wine Wednesday of the year tonight with Riesling at Regional Wines & Spirits in Wellington at  5.30pm.

This tasting is free from 5.30pm to 7pm and we will have a bottle of the 7% alcohol, light, low and succulently tasty, 2016 Fromm Marlborough Riesling Spatlese.

This wine is light bodied, low in alcohol and floral in flavour with a sweet taste that’s balanced by its high acidity. The naturally high acid of Riesling cuts through all the rich flavours, leaving you with a refreshingly, crisp and seemingly off dry finish. This is a wine that drinks beautifully now, lightly chilled, as an after work glass or even at lunch time on a non working day.

Tonight is the first of our year round free weekly tasting programme in store at Regional Wines & Spirits at the Basin Reserve in Wellington.

The tasting begins at 5.30pm and runs through til 7pm; no bookings are necessary and it’s free to try – and discounted for tonight only.

Join us at tonight’s Wine Wednesday

2016 Fromm Riesling Spatlese, on special for $21.99, usual price $24.50.

Champagne Larmandier open at our last Wine Wednesday of the year… tonight at 5.30pm…

We’re sharing the love at our last official Wellington Wine Wednesday of the year at Regional Wines & Spirits in Wellington tonight from 5.30pm to 7pm…

We are cracking open this outstanding champagne, which ticks all the taste boxes and then some, thanks to winemaker Pierre Larmandier…

Champagne Larmandier Bernier Latitude is…

Made from biodynamically grown grapes (think: organic but on a whole new level)

Hand harvested and fermented with wild yeasts (no commercial yeasts added)

Fermented in a combo of wood and stainless steel

Aged on lees in the bottle for 2 years, which is 6 months longer than the legal minimum aging time

Given a super low 4 grams per litre of dosage – it’s extra dry, in other words

Bottled aged for 6 months prior to release

Come and join us for a free taste of one of a 100% Chardonnay (blancs de blanc) champagne, which we usually sell for $95.99 and today it is on special for $89.99… it’s not an every day price but then this is not an everyday wine – it’s something super special.

We will also be selling Robert Walters’ new book Champagne – A Secret History for $36.99 – a book that shakes up all your thinking about what champagne is, should be and could be.


Wine Wednesdays 2018… kick off again on 10 January

PS: Our next Wine Wednesday will be on Wednesday 10 January and we’ll have 2016 Fromm Riesling Spatlese open for free tasting, with a discount on the bottle that night.

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