Cheers, 14 December 2014 – Gin and Dog Point’s 10 years

Herald on Sunday, Cheers


7 December 2014

Gin fling

The words ‘gin’ and ‘tasting’ don’t usually mean a serious sit down analysis of 10ml pours of the spirit once known as ‘mother’s ruin’. But that’s exactly what a roomful of gin lovers were given at a private gig in Canterbury last month. Paul Donaldson amassed 32 diverse gins. Seager’s was surprisingly intense, Sipsmith was my fave of the night and Tanqueray was every gin lover’s bone dry dream while Ferdinand Saar Dry Gin Riesling Infused was deliciously different. The other three chart toppers were Junipero from San Francisco, Boodles London Dry Gin and Lighthouse Batch Distilled Gin; go the 42%+ ABVers.

Hot Dog

If you’re looking for the ultimate bottle to impress at a dinner party, check out Dog Point wines, whose makers celebrated 10 years in October by tasting all 40 wines they have made. They proved that good Kiwi vino can go the distance. Dog Point was founded by former Olympic rowing champ Ivan Sutherland and former Cloudy Bay winemaker James Healy. The top wine was the 2006 Dog Point Section 94, which shows what a little oak and a lot of thought can do. The new 2012 Dog Point Section 94 is also fab.