Great white from Auburn – Lucky last Central Otago white

Great white

First published in Living magazine in The Herald on Sunday, 21 December 2014.

It’s tall, it’s fresh, it’s tasty… it is the lucky last from Auburn in Central Otago

As tall, dark and handsome people go, there’s only one for me. And funnily enough, when it comes to wine, my favourite right now also happens to come in a tall, dark and handsome package.
It is the lucky last Auburn Riesling from Central Otago.
If you blinked and missed the brand name, you’re in good company. This is teency tiny quantity wine we’re talking. The Auburn brand was born about six years ago as the hobby of three riesling fanatics, including viticulturist (grape growing expert), Max Marriott, who has now been seduced to the bright winemaking lights of Oregon in the United States.
So if you’re looking for an awesome white wine to drink this summer, here it is: the 2014 Auburn Riesling from Bannockburn in Central Otago, which cruises in at 10% alcohol, is medium-dry in style and tastes nearly bone dry, thanks to its succulent peachy flavours and fresh acidity. Stunning. Sob sob. Please, lovely Auburn guys, can you make me some more…

Where to buy Auburn Riesling

Limited supply is the best summary of 2014 Auburn Riesling but you can buy it; contact producer Max Marriott by email: