Ode to $8.99 Riesling – Best value white in Southern Hemisphere?

X factor vino for $8.99?

Posted 1 March 2015

This column was first published as Cheers in Living magazine in The Herald on Sunday, Auckland, New Zealand, 1 March 2015.

An ode to Riesling…

An $8.99 bottle of wine with the X-factor might sound like a rarity but, thanks to one of the largest wine companies on Earth, it is a reality.
A trip to Countdown last week was a reminder of the outstanding value that comes in each bottle of Jacob’s Creek Riesling.
It costs $10.59 but usually sells for $8.99. It is not often stocked at eye level because, according to many who sell the stuff, riesling confuses wine drinkers. Is it medium-dry or medium-sweet? And what’s that mouth puckering acidity in young riesling all about?
The answer is that acidity preserves freshness. Yes, even in riesling that usually sells for less than $9.
This year is the first in the past three that the Summer of Riesling movement has not pushed this under rated wine. So, here is my ode to riesling: buy it. And be wowed by how it over delivers when you open it in a decade’s time and discover a fresh, mouth filling white. My own wine cellar contains plenty of this lovely wine: Jacob’s Creek Riesling $9.99 to $10.59