Top drops for $20

Find the top drop under $20 to suit your taste and budget by clicking scrolling down the menu bar on the right hand side of this page… 

PS: I ONLY recommend top drops that really are good quality – and value.

In the spirit of keeping it real, these wines are not only affordable and available, they represent very good to outstanding value for money.

I forged my name as a wine writer with 10 editions of an old fashioned paperback book that began life as “Joelle Thomson’s Under $15 Wine Guide” in 1999. It was a best seller.

Today, many wineries, wine drinkers and writers continue to ask me when I will republish this book (the final edition was in 2008).

So, here we go with a bunch of new top value wines, which are available by clicking the “Top drops for $20” menu tab on the right hand side of this site. Wines are updated and added to every week, often even more frequently.