Winning Rieslings and cider records – Mud House The Mound gains ground

 Fresh whites from cider to Riesling

This column was first published as Cheers in Living magazine in The Herald on Sunday, Auckland, New Zealand, 22 March 2015

Cider breaks new records

Kiwis are taking to cider like ducks to you know what. It is now this country’s fastest growing alcohol category. Andy Routley from DB Breweries says the 10% growth in supermarket cider sales over Christmas 2014 is supported by new AC Nielsen figures, which show a 25% rise in the volume of cider sold in January this year versus last.

Unsung white wine hero

And while we’re talking about all things fresh, crisp and intensely tasty, let’s hear it for the 2014 Mud House The Mound Vineyard Riesling, which is $24 worth of deliciousness, thanks to a string of wine awards last month that is too lengthy to list. This single vineyard wine is made with grapes grown on the ‘Mound’ vineyard in North Canterbury; a sun drenched, gently sloping site that has long been home to many of this country’s greatest rieslings. This one was made by a team of winemakers whose talent for making top whites shines through in this wine. Cleighten Cornelius and Ben Glover have created a riesling here that drinks beautifully now, will age well for at least 10 years and is widely available. No mean feat.