Folding Hill Pinot Noir 2014

Pinot Pinot Pinot

2014 Folding Hill Central Otago Pinot Noir $45

Here’s a Central Otago Pinot that stands out from the crowd (every year, truth be told), thanks to vigneron Tim and Nikki Kerruish (they own the land, tend the grapes, work at day jobs in Dunedin and venture to Central to get off the grid, literally, but they get a pro’ to make their wine).

Tim and Nikki are a dab duo when it comes to creating some of Central’s top quality Pinot Noirs, which begin in their four hectare vineyard in Bendigo, one of the sunniest spots in the world’s most southern wine region, Central Otago. It all begins here, in the earth that they tend and where they crop their grapes at low yields of 3 to 4 tons to the hectare – this results in concentrated red and dark fruit flavours, a full body and pronounced but balanced acidity in the wine. That acid provides a refreshing quality, which is supported by earthy, spicy notes and a lingering finish. The wines are not fined or filtered, which accentuates the earthy style and adds to the perception of depth.

These are consistently among my favourite Pinot Noirs from Central.

4 stars…
I’m not big on star ratings because they can open cans of worms, however, if pushed – as I have been – this is a 4 star wine. Bravo.

Author: Joelle Thomson

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