It started with a hand print and the deal was sealed with a hand shake this year when winemakers Ben Glover and Ryan Wardman (left to right) bought Seresin winery from cinematographer Michael Seresin…

The hand print is Michael Seresin’s and it’s on the massive greeting stone at the front of Seresin Vineyard, four kilometres west of Renwick, in Marlborough. The hand print also appears on the front label of Seresin’s wines, which will continue to be made on a small scale, going forward.

Glover and Wardman plan to use the winery to make small batch wines that show quirky and diverse flavours and styles. They take over the winery on 1 May and have already chosen a new name – The Coterie, which means a small group of friends with shared interests.

Glover co-owns the Zephyr wine brand with his brother, Jack, so these wines will be made in The Coterie. As will the wines of clients that both Glover and Wardman will offer their services to from the 2019 vintage.

Watch this space.