Weekly wine news…Daffodils, Kiwi music, new Riedels, investment

It may be the start of the year but things are heating up in the country’s wine industry just as much as temperatures in the capital.

Drinking (I mean, tasting) every vintage of Zephyr Riesling made with the janitor (aka winemaker and owner of Zephyr) Ben Glover, centre, and John Saker (right) at the Glover family homestead, Summer of Riesling, Marlborough 2018.


Booster increases its winery ownership…

The month began with news that Booster Group has bought Mahana Estate winery in Nelson, bringing its investment in the New Zealand wine industry to five.

These include Awatere River in Marlborough, Waimea Estates in Nelson, Bannock Brae in Central Otago and Sileni Estates in Hawke’s Bay. It’s an impressive number and spread of wineries for a relatively new entrant to the wine scene.

Booster is one of nine New Zealand government-appointed default KiwiSaver scheme providers. It has almost $3 billion under management on behalf of more than 120,000 investors. And the Booster Wine Group is headed by two CEOs, both experienced in the wine industry. Louis Vavasour and Nigel Avery (of Sileni Estates) head up the vineyards, winemaking, production and distribution of these wine brands. 

Watch this space.


Daffodils for Valentine’s Day…

In lighter news, the owners of Zephyr Wines in Marlborough are pouring their wines for stars of the New Zealand film, Daffodils, which premiers at The Embassy in Wellington on Thursday 14 February, aka Valentine’s Day.

The collaboration came about when Zephyr Wines owner Ben Glover and his wife, Susie,, heard that the film featured a 1965 Zephyr Mark III – painted spring green; the same colour as their own 1965 Zephyr.

Glover describes himself as the janitor as well as winemaker/co-owner of Zephyr Wines, and says it was uncanny seeing the iconic car in the same colour with a ‘just married’ sign when watching the film’s trailer.

Daffodils was inspired by a true story. It features music by many contemporary classic Kiwi musicians – Crowded House, Bic Runga, Chris Knox, The Mint Chicks, Dave Dobbyn, The Clean, The Exponents and The Mutton Birds, among others.

Did someone say “The Clean”?

I’m in. And I’m looking forward to the premier at my favourite Wellington movie theatre next Thursday. Bring it on.


Riedel rebrands

And finally this week, what would a great wine be without a great glass to drink it in?

Riedel’s new Performance range is my favourite glass of the moment. Not only because it makes wine taste better (which it does, no question) but because the fineness of the lip and the beautiful looking shape of the Pinot Noir, Riesling and Champagne glasses have increased the flavour experience of aromatic whites, sparkling wines and great reds over the past fortnight.

Even my wine of the week, the three Pirathon Shirazes, all tasted  softer and fruitier as well as structured in the new Riedel Performance Pinot Noir glass. This being Riedel (a glass for every varietal and wine style), there is, of course, a Shiraz glass too.

More on glassware to come. 

Author: Joelle Thomson

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