Woman in wine Kirsten Searle

Kirsten Searle, co-owner of Matawhero Wines with her husband, Richard

If you could choose any bottle to drink tonight, what would it be?

A French rosé from Provence. I spent some time working in France so this reminds me of those warm summer evenings with my girlfriends and who doesn’t love rosé at the moment, even in the cooler months.


How did you come to own a small winery on a back road in Gisborne?

Luck. Seriously. All things in life lead you on a journey and this story is no exception. I started with a passion for wine and worked for Villa for a few years before moving to Gisborne and marrying someone who happened to own a vineyard. Five years later, Matawhero came on the market and we were fortunate enough to convince Denis that we the right people to bring this historic winery back to life.


What’s your biggest life success to date? Family and doing a job I love.


What’s your ultimate dream for your wine?

To put Gisborne on the world map.


What was the most helpful thing you learnt in running a wine company?

Surround yourself in people you can learn from. We have been so fortunate to have partners and mentors along the way who have helped us to get where we are today.

Author: Joelle Thomson

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