Activists gather at Slow Wine fair in Italy

Climate change, social justice and fair methods of production are among the hot topics of discussion for winemakers at the world’s first official slow wine event to be held in Bologna in February next year.

The Sana Slow Wine Fair will run from February 26 to March 1, 2022 and has already signed up over 600 attendees from 12 countries.

“The event is no typical wine fair, but the first ever meeting of vignerons, professionals and enthusiasts, who will discuss the future of the wine sector in light of the Slow Food Manifesto for Good, Clean and Fair Wine, which sets out principles for wine growing, agronomy and enology, and also considers biodiversity, the value of the landscape and the relationship with those who work in the vineyard and the winery,” says Antonio Bruzzone, general Manager of BolognaFiere.

“These are all issues of extreme urgency today and are closely linked to the great challenge of the climate emergency, which significantly affects the world of wine. Slow Food has long been at the forefront in tackling these issues, and with this event and the creation of the Slow Wine Coalition the association is once again a catalyst for change.”

The four day Sana Slow Wine Fair will see hundreds of producers and activists come together for conferences, debates and tastings and to exhibit thousands of wines from all over the world.

The three pillars of the Slow Wine Coalition are environmental sustainability, protection of the landscape and the socio cultural growth of the countryside. Delegates from Europe, the United States and South America will share their views and experiences, in the hope of paving a slower future for the wine sector.

Key topics for the fair include the climate crisis, economic turbulence and social justice.

The Slow Wine Coalition is an international alliance based on the desire to explore themes that are vital to the future of the planet. The Slow Wine Fair was developed out of the partnership between Slow Food and BolognaFiere

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Author: Joelle Thomson

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