Forage North Canterbury for food… humbling

We are luckier than we think. Greetings from the sunny South Island of New Zealand where I have just spent 36 hours foraging for food, fishing in Kaikoura, harvesting wild edible greens and generally feeling humbled by Mother Nature’s seemingly endless supply of uncultivated food. If you look for it, you will find it. Food … Continue reading “Forage North Canterbury for food… humbling”

Tune in to RNZ today for North Canterbury wine talk…

It seems timely right now to celebrate the good things about Canterbury after so many of the bad, which have plagued this region with fires last week and the sixth anniversary this month of its devastating earthquakes of 2011. So, if you’re free at 3.15pm today, tune in to  Jesse Mulligan’s show on RNZ National … Continue reading “Tune in to RNZ today for North Canterbury wine talk…”

Foraging is hot – and life changing

Foraging is hot. Literally. It’s also all about expecting the unexpected. In this picture we are picking coastal spinach at Gore Bay in North Canterbury, where we found edible berries buried beneath the leaves, in safe seclusion from birds. As well picking pretty (and edible) flowers, we spent a steamy day in the South Island sunshine … Continue reading “Foraging is hot – and life changing”