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Dive in to local and international wine tastings and accessible wine courses. 

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Here's what you can learn...

* How to taste wine - key information
* How to decipher information wine bottles
* How to choose the best wine on a shoestring budget
* How to understand wine from its appearance, aromas and flavours
* Learn why names of wines do not always include the grape variety on the label
* How to get the most out of every glass of wine
* How to make the most of lower priced wines
* Glasses, decanters, spittoons, corks and screw caps - what, why and key information

What these courses are based on

My wine tastings and courses are based on 28 years experience in wine writing, wine education, wine judging and hosting tastings for Regional Wines & Spirits, the NZ School of Food & Wine, Lincoln University wine students and private wine tastings. 

The knowledge I have gained over this time and from wine qualifications is underpinned with extensive experience in wine tasting. I have the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Level 4 Diploma, the highest qualification from the English based WSET and a globally recognised qualification.