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Second generation takes over at Astrolabe Wines

Change is in the air for many of us thanks to the global pandemic that took us all by surprise this year, not least the family who own and run Astrolabe Wines in Marlborough, which appointed a new general manager.

Libby Waghorn Levett takes over from Jane Forrest-Waghorn, co-owner of Astrolabe Wines with winemaker Simo Waghorn.

“In this recent time of economic uncertainty, I feel it is important to have clear, strong and energetic leadership. I have decided to step aside and asked Libby Waghorn Levett, our middle daughter, to take over my role as general manager, effective immediately,” says Jane Waghorn, adding:  “This was always the plan, but I have brought the change forward to ensure we manage Astrolabe with confidence and clarity.”

“Libby is looking forward to tackling the challenges emerging out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new landscape that awaits on the other side. It has really made us take a look at the way we work and the way we engage with our industry community. It feels like we have been in fast-forward for the past few weeks, and we have been working hard to make sure Astrolabe keeps pace while staying true to our roots as a small, family-run wine producer.”