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Wine of the week - age brings beauty

It seems like only yesterday that winemakers in this country were asking if Kiwi Pinot Noirs could age positively but it was probably about 20 years back that there was any doubt. It's incredible what age can do, to both wines and their makers because this five year old Pinot Noir makes a good case for a glass half full attitude to how time can gently sway a slightly edgy youthfulness towards a seductively interesting wine from a great vineyard site.

This wine is made from the oldest hillside vineyard in Marlborough, which was planted with grapes by the incredibly insightful Mike Eaton, who has long since ceased to be involved with the site. Clayvin Vineyard has since gone through several iterations of ownership to the present day, which brings us to the Giesen family.

Wine of the week


2018 Giesen Clayvin Pinot Noir RRP $53-ish

This exceptional wine has a long history of greatness behind it and a long history ahead, if you have willpower in spades, which red wine lovers will need. Big, full bodied and powerful flavours lead into a broad shouldered wine with delicious flavours of savoury spicy, dark plums and interestingly edgy ripe dried strawberry and cherries. Layers of complexity in every sip. This wine is all about waiting rather than devouring initially. Age has done the 2018 Giesen Clayvin Pinot Noir every favour in the book.