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What's in my glass this Monday

What's in your glass this Monday? If it's an AFD, it could still be an interesting question and while the idea had crossed my mind, this wine (along with a bunch of others) crossed my desk so here is the wine of today, made by Jules Taylor in Marlborough, New Zealand. It's a region devoted strongly (to the tune of about 80%) to Sauvignon Blanc, but without diminishing the importance of the region's great white, Chardonnay is capable of at least equal success and wines such as this one put forward an extremely convincing case about the world class quality, balance and the diversity of styles emerging from Marlborough today. The price is also rather, hmmm, appealing.


2023 Jules Taylor Marlborough Chardonnay RRP $23.99

Jules Taylor loves Sauvignon Blanc but to judge by the purity of flavour that comes through in every delicious sip of this great white, she must have a rather soft spot for Chardonnay too. This wine is relatively fresh and youthful but already has smooth, creamy textural qualities and a delicious openness of ripe citrus and white peach aromas. If ever there was a case (there are plenty in New Zealand, actually) that Kiwi wine can take on Chablis from village level to premier cru, this is it. Try it and see for yourself.